2016 Treatment for Eurasian Milfoil

We will be making an application to target the invasive aquatic weed Eurasian Milfoil.  At this point the treatment will be scheduled for this coming Thursday August 4th and we will post affected areas the pervious day.

Renovate has a 24 hour swimming precaution within the treatment area and within 400 feet.  You can go to the treatment map page here, click on the map link and you can see exactly where these areas are.  There is also a restriction for 3 days to withdraw water for irrigation use from these zones marked in Red on this map.

We will update this site again over the weekend to confirm treatment date.

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Eurasian Milfoil Treatment Tomorrow Thursday July 30th

Aquatechnex will be treating Lake Stevens for the noxious aquatic weed Eurasian Milfoil tomorrow morning.  The areas to be treated were posted along the shoreline today with signs notifying residents of this activity.  If you did not receive a sign on your waterfront you are not in the treatment zone.

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Eurasian Milfoil Treatment Tentatively Scheduled for this Thursday

Our team is organizing to treat portions of the lake impacted by Eurasian Milfoil this Thursday.  We will be uploading a treatment map tomorrow.  Areas to be treated will be posted on the shoreline, areas not posted are not effected.

The herbicide to be used is Renovate OTF granular.  This herbicide carries a 3 day irrigation restriction for those that draw water from the lake for this purpose.  While there is no federal swimming restriction the Washington Department of Ecology requests a 24 hour no swim precaution in the treatment areas.

Check back tomorrow for a second update.

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Eurasian Milfoil Survey and Treatment July 2015

On Monday this week, our team will be evaluating the Eurasian Milfoil growth present in Lake Stevens and will be setting the treatment date and locations.  We will update this page tomorrow with the relevant information.

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2015 Alum Treatment Rapped Up

The 2015 Lake Stevens Alum Treatment Project was completed yesterday without a hitch.  This program removes phosphorus from the lake.  Phosphorus is the limiting nutrient for blue green algae species, these single celled organisms can pose a health threat and degrade water quality.  Removing phosphorus reduces the carrying capacity of the lake to product problem algae blooms.

lake stevens 2015 lake stevens 2015 3

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Lake Stevens Alum Treatment Scheduled

Aquatechnex will be treating Lake Stevens with Aluminum Sulfate to target and sequester phosphorus the week of March 9th.  We will staging from the County boat ramp on the west shore of the lake.  The City of Lake Stevens will be posting signage at access sites, and there are no restrictions on the use of the lake during the application period.

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2014 Eurasian Milfoil Treatments

Our summer surveys have found some areas that could use treatment to continue the reduction of this noxious aquatic weed in Lake Stevens. Tomorrow August 20th we will be delivering notices to those shoreline residents that are within a quarter mile of potential treatment areas. This is a Department of Ecology requirement. The actual restrictions on water use only apply within 400 feet of the actual treatment area so these restrictions will not impact everyone notified.

The primary restriction is on the use of lake water from the treatment area for irrigation for approximately 2-5 days. This treatment will be happening after Labor Day.

We will post more information here as well as a interactive treatment map that you can view when the treatment gets closer.

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