Start of 2018 Summer Efforts

Our team had planned to start aquatic herbicide treatments on Lake Stevens in the Northwest Bay of the lake this coming week on May 21st.  At this point survey work in that area has determined that treatment would be premature and we will be assessing the rest of the lake this coming week and develop treatment recommendations based on what we find.

We will keep you posted here.

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2018 Eurasian Milfoil Treatment Program

Aquatechnex will be working with the City of Lake Stevens to target and reduce the Eurasian Milfoil infestation in the lake this summer.

We had hoped to use a ground breaking new herbicide that the US EPA registered in February called Procellacor, but the Washington Department of Ecology has to amend the permit we work under and as such we will be using a few different approaches this coming year to target this growth and switch to Procellacor as soon as Ecology gets it on the permit, as this will provide much longer term control of this noxious species.

The plan for this summer is as follows:

The week of May 7th we will be doing the first survey of the lake and providing notification to shoreline property owners in the Northwest Corner of the lake.  There has been a large patch of Eurasian Milfoil off shore there for a few years that may need to be targeted and depending on growth we plan to treat this with Sonar Aquatic Herbicide in three applications at two week intervals.  This treatment has no water use restrictions for swimming, boating or fishing.  There is an irrigation precaution for those that draw water from the treatment area.

Please note that we will be providing the permit required notice to shoreline property owners near this treatment zone, we are required to notify anyone within a quarter mile of this treatment, but the water use restrictions only exist for 400 feet outside of this treatment area and we don’t think this will reach the shoreline, so most will not be affected by this.  We will post a treatment map this coming week.

Additional shoreline survey work will be performed in late May for the rest of the lake, a treatment plan will be developed as needed and additional public notice will precede any additional work.

There may be a third treatment event in July if additional milfoil problems are noted.

Please check back here often for updates, we will post articles as we go.  Questions should be addressed to 360-527-1271 or

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2017 Alum Treatment to be performed the week of October 23rd

Aquatechnex biologists will for the fourth year be applying aluminum sulfate to Lake Stevens to capture and sequester phosphorus from the lake water.  Phosphorus is the key nutrient that drives algae blooms.  In cases where lakes experience higher levels of phosphorus, harmful algae blooms can occur.  Reducing the amount of phosphorus dissolved in the water column helps reduce the carrying capacity of the lake to develop those conditions.

This project is permitted by the Washington Department of Ecology.  Aluminum sulfate is approved for use in lakes and reservoirs for this purpose.  Unlike some aquatic herbicides that are applied to lakes under these permits, Alum treatments do not restrict the use of treated water for any purpose.

If you have questions, you can call 3600-527-1271

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Today is the Day

Aquatechnex biologists will be performing the first phase of the 2017 Lake Stevens Eurasian Milfoil Treatment Project.  This phase will involve applying Renovate OTF Granular herbicide to areas of the lake noted on the map page.  We will also be returning late next week to target remaining zones with a second herbicide that the City Council approved this week.  Signs will go up on affected properties, water use restrictions are only in place within the treatment zones for today.

On the treatment map, those areas marked in Green will be treated today.  The areas marked in Orange will be targeted late next week.

Treatment map is viewable here, July 13 Treatment Map

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First Treatment for Eurasian Milfoil to be Performed this week

Aquatechnex biologists have completed survey work for 2017.  Eurasian Milfoil has expanded in Lake Stevens significantly this year.  The City has elected to add some treatment areas to the budget for this project.

We will start with an application of Renovate Herbicide to the areas on the map labeled in Green this week.  Posting should occur on Wednesday evening or Thursday Morning and the treatment is scheduled to start on Thursday Morning.

The areas marked in orange will be treated with a different herbicide, Diquat.  This application will require that we notify these residents 10 days prior.  That notification will go out early this week and treatment will be performed the week of July 17th.

The treatment map is accessible here, green areas this week, orange areas next week.  Click for Treatment Map

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Eurasian Milfoil Treatments

We have completed survey work and proposed a treatment plan to the City.  This year milfoil has expanded beyond what is normally targeted, so we have proposed a few different options.

The first treatment will be performed with Renovate OTF Granular the week of July 10th, we will be posting a treatment map for reference here late this week.  Depending on the City’s decision regarding expanded treatments, those will probably happen late the week of the 10th or early the week of the 17th.  Maps will be posed there as well.

Check back here for exact treatment dates later this week as well.

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2017 Program about to start

Aquatechnex will be doing the initial survey work on Lake Stevens in Mid May.  The lake littoral area will be inspected for presence of Eurasian Milfoil.  If and where milfoil beds are found they will be mapped and proposed for treatment.  A notice will then go to affected homes and a treatment map with additional information will be posted here.

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