Lake Stevens 2016 Alum Treatment Starts Tomorrow

Aquatechnex biologists will be conducting the annual Aluminum Sulfate treatment to the surface of Lake Stevens Tuesday through Thursday of this week.  This annual application precipitates and sequesters phosphorus that problem algae can utilize to cause bloom conditions.

The boats will be working in sectors on the lake each day focusing on one third of the surface area.  We appreciate little or no wake when possible around our vessels and please understand if your fishing that we have to “paint” the entire lake surface and that requires us to move in straight lines so if you see us coming we would appreciate leeway.

If there are any questions you may leave a comment here and we will receive and respond to it.

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Planning for 2016 Alum Treatment will begin next week

Aquatechnex biologists will be working with the City of Lake Stevens to develop the 2016 alum treatment program sometime in October.  This application generally takes about 4 days and removes phosphorus from the water column to help mitigate blue green algae growth.

More information will be posed here when this project fires up.

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Restrictions have expired

The treatments performed the week of the 5th imposed water use restrictions for swimming and irrigation, these restrictions have expired in the treatment zones and lake wide.

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Treatments at Lake Stevens today and tomorrow

Aquatechnex will begin the Eurasian milfoil treatments this morning targeting treatment areas on the east, south and west shorelines.  The larger bay on the Northwest side of the lake will be targeted tomorrow due to late arrival of herbicide.

We are using Renovate OTF granular, this herbicide is selective for Eurasian Milfoil.  There is a 24 hour swimming precaution in the treatment areas and a 3 day irrigation withdrawal restriction.

You may check the project map on the treatment map page to see if your property is adjacent or in a treatment zone, restrictions do not apply outside these areas.

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2016 Treatment for Eurasian Milfoil

We will be making an application to target the invasive aquatic weed Eurasian Milfoil.  At this point the treatment will be scheduled for this coming Thursday August 4th and we will post affected areas the pervious day.

Renovate has a 24 hour swimming precaution within the treatment area and within 400 feet.  You can go to the treatment map page here, click on the map link and you can see exactly where these areas are.  There is also a restriction for 3 days to withdraw water for irrigation use from these zones marked in Red on this map.

We will update this site again over the weekend to confirm treatment date.

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Eurasian Milfoil Treatment Tomorrow Thursday July 30th

Aquatechnex will be treating Lake Stevens for the noxious aquatic weed Eurasian Milfoil tomorrow morning.  The areas to be treated were posted along the shoreline today with signs notifying residents of this activity.  If you did not receive a sign on your waterfront you are not in the treatment zone.

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Eurasian Milfoil Treatment Tentatively Scheduled for this Thursday

Our team is organizing to treat portions of the lake impacted by Eurasian Milfoil this Thursday.  We will be uploading a treatment map tomorrow.  Areas to be treated will be posted on the shoreline, areas not posted are not effected.

The herbicide to be used is Renovate OTF granular.  This herbicide carries a 3 day irrigation restriction for those that draw water from the lake for this purpose.  While there is no federal swimming restriction the Washington Department of Ecology requests a 24 hour no swim precaution in the treatment areas.

Check back tomorrow for a second update.

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