Portions of Lake Stevens to be Treated Today

Aquatechnex biologists will be treating portions of Lake Stevens targeting remaining Eurasion Milfoil. The first plots will be off shore in the northwest bay of the lake. Signs are posted on properties where water use restrictions apply. The treatment areas and the buffer zone where water use restrictions are in place is shown here. http://bit.ly/154iGDj

The water use restrictions within the treatment area and buffer are 24 hours swimming advisory and an irrigation withdrawal restriction. There are no restrictions in place outside of the marked areas shown in orange here.

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Eurasian Milfoil Treatments Planned for July

The survey work completed this past summer and in June of this year has identified a number of sites that would benefit from spot treatment for Eurasian Milfoil. This work is being performed under the direction of the Integrated Aquatic Vegetation Management Plan developed by the City of Lake Stevens and Aquatechnex, LLC as the contractor for the City.

Public notification will be delivered to residence adjacent to the treatment areas and we will post a treatment zone map that shows actual locations in a few days. The product to be used will be Renovate OTF granular and this work will be done under the direction of a permit from the Washington Department of Ecology. There will be water use restrictions for irrigating or pumping water from the treatment plots to irrigate until herbicide levels drop below label requirements, we will keep you informed of that. In addition Ecology suggests that swimming in treatment areas be avoided until 24 hours after application.

We will be working with the City to identify a treatment day that does not interfere with two key events on the lake in July, The Ironman Competition and the Aquafest. We will post treatment dates next week as they are finalized with the City.

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Alum Treatment Successful Completed

Wind Blown Blue Green Algae Accumulating on South Shoreline in 2012

Wind Blown Blue Green Algae Accumulating on South Shoreline in 2012

Aquatechnex Biologists applied Alum to Lake Stevens to mitigate phosphorus pollution

Aquatechnex Biologists applied Alum to Lake Stevens to mitigate phosphorus pollution

The Aquatechned team completed the Lake Stevens Aluminum Sulfate Application this past Friday morning. The lake was treated with this material to mitigate phosphorus pollution in the water column. Higher levels of phosphorus fuel bluegreen algae blooms and removing phosphorus lowers the carrying capacity of the lake for this problem. This work will be followed up with monitoring and the program should be ongoing for the next few years.

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Alum Treatment Starts Today

Aquatechnex biologists will be treating Lake Stevens with Alum this week to sequester phosphorus, the key nutrient that drives algae blooms. This operation will involve two application vessels spraying alum across the surface of the lake. The boats have to travel straight lines so cooperation of the fishing public is appreciated.

There are no water use restrictions.

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Summer 2013 Activities are about to begin

There will be two major efforts on Lake Stevens this summer.

The first will be a treatment with Aluminum Sulfate. This is tentitively scheduled to begin the week of June 3rd. Alum is a technology that captures phosphorus and removes this key nutrient from the water column. This reduces the carrying capacity of the lake to produce problem algae blooms. This operation is pending approval by the City Council that is expected to work on this at their next meeting. When approved, the crews will be working to apply this material throughout the deeper portions of the lake in this time frame.

The second operation will be the continued implementation of the City’s Eurasian Milfoil Management Program. The 2011 application of Renovate Aquatic Herbicide did an excellent job of suppressing this noxious aquatic weed. Our team will be surveying the lake in June and have scheduled a treatment to some areas of the lake that showed potential for regrowth during the 2012 summer surveys. We will post more information and a map on this site as those surveys are completed.

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Blue Green Algae Bloom Observed During Milfoil Mapping Flight

Wind Blown Blue Green Algae Accumulating on South Shoreline

Our team observed the Blue Green Algae accumulation on the south end of the lake during our aerial imaging mission yesterday.  The City and County have collected samples and sent them to the laboratory.  They will announce results when they have them.  Our team has been working on technology to help solve these problems by targeting phosphorus and KING 5 TV did the following story on those efforts this past Monday.http://www.king5.com/news/environment/New-weapon-used-in-blue-algae-battle-in-Federal-Way-158508465.html


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Eurasian Milfoil Surveys Begin

Aquatechnex biologists have started phase two of the Lake Stevens Aquatic Plant Management Program.  In 2011, our team mapped and treated approximately 134 acres of the invasive aquatic weed Eurasian Milfoil.  A review of the treated areas at the end of 2011 showed that control had been achieved in those highly infested locations.

Eurasian Milfoil is an aggressive aquatic weed, the effort this year will be focused on locating, mapping and treating remaining plants in the system.  There are three steps that will be followed in this effort.

The first was a review of general conditions present in the lake, our team traveled to last years treatment zones and reviewed conditions this past Wednesday.  We also traveled to four locations where residents has requested we check for Eurasian Milfoil.  While there are native aquatic plants such as White Stem Pondweed and Elodea present in some of these areas, no milfoil was observed.

The second phase was to collect aerial imagery to help pinpoint aquatic plant beds for ground survey.  This was completed yesterday.  We have reviewed this photography as part of the process to get organized for the ground survey and this has helped us locate areas of interest.  We also observed the blue green algae bloom on the south end of the lake that has caused some residents concern.

The third phase will be a detailed survey this coming week.  All areas of the littoral zone will be reviewed and any milfoil found will be mapped and recommendations for management presented to the City for consideration.

We will be repeating this process later in the summer as well.

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